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Angry Robot Books discontinues Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Imprints.

Image from Strange Chemistry Site
Image from Strange Chemistry Site

Upon hearing the reports this morning of Angry Robot Books discontinuing two imprints: Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Books, I immediately went to the Twitter feed that surrounded this news. Hundreds of authors/readers/industry professionals are tweeting their thoughts/condolences and it shows how extremely personal this feels to all us authors/bookish folks, (I’ll stop forward-slashing everything now).

My first reaction was to Tweet my 140 character “sorry” but then it occurred to me that I have a bigger voice than 140 characters. I have a fan base (small, but powerful…so I like to think) and it’s my obligation to pull my efforts in another way. I can actually support these authors.

Frankie, what are you getting at? Are you a magician? All this holding out has got me on my seat’s edge. All thoughts I’d like to think ya’ll are thinking.

So, here are my thoughts. The purpose of this blog is 1) to inform those who do not know of this new. Read it here. And 2) to list the authors affected by this and their works so yous (yeah yous) can go show your support (actions are louder than words).

Go forth yee readers\authors\industry professionals (I said I wouldn’t forward slash gah) buy a book! Post it with your lovely face or cat or dog or ferret or ant collection. Show off your fabulous Tropical Smoothie alongside your newly purchased book! I’ll have mine up as soon as I get out today to get one. And don’t forget to hash-tag them! Or use this one #happytosupport. Eh? I’m open to suggestions on that one.

And, if you are unable to dish out the dollahs, support these authors by other means. Give them a shout out on Twitter, write a blog post on one or more of your favorite authors from these imprints,  vlog yourself, or your dog, or cat, or ferret, or ant collection? rolling around in copies you might already own…spread the word man!

ERAMANE’S IndieReader Discovery Award Review!

I finally received the review of ERAMANE from the Independent Book Publishing Association. It got three stars!!! Four would have been nice, I would have been eligible for that pretty gold sticker they put on your book, but…the review is great! I’ve pasted it here so that you may pleasure/punish your eye holes with it.

ERAMANE, by Frankie Ash, is an imaginative and exhilarating work of fantasy. With suspenseful story-telling and modern themes, this novel compels the reader to join Eramane on her thrilling adventures into the supernatural.

ERAMANE follows the story of seventeen-year-old Eramane Fahnestock as she transitions into young adulthood in her village. After years of feeling unsatisfied with her quiet life as part of one of the wealthiest families in her community, Eramane finally gets the change she has been hoping for. But with the arrival of a mysterious visitor comes the question: Is this change for the best?

Though set in a fantastical world, the elements at the core of this story are in fact highly modern. Perhaps one of the most progressive ideas can be found in the way Eramane and her family view marriage. While other heroines are often pushed to marry as quickly as possible, Eramane’s family decided long ago this would not be the case for her. Her parents declined four proposals because they “do not believe that a girl should marry someone she does not know and cannot possibly love.” Such a modern view about the importance of love in matrimony is particularly striking, as it is starkly contrasted against the rustic village setting. This theme helps modernize the work, making it more accessible to young, contemporary audiences.

In addition to modern ideas about love, this work also challenges social class differences. In Eramane’s world, all public conduct is strictly dictated by a social protocol. Since the Fah[n]estocks live with hired help, Eramane often must face the way she is expected to act around servants. In these exchanges, Eramane once again shines as a modern young woman, disregarding social cues and acting instead on her emotions. In one poignant scene, Eramane tries to convince Oriana, the daughter of her servants, that Oriana is worthy of a man of higher class. Telling her that she “is not a servant,” that she is “[her] friend,” and that she loves her, Eramane reassures Oriana that she “will find a prince one day.” This conversation defies the social norms reinforced by the members of her community, but Eramane, a modern woman, chooses to follow her heart, regardless. With her inspiring independent spirit and passion, this strong young woman serves as an excellent role model for the young adult reader.

Ash skillfully creates the feeling of suspense that draws in the reader, especially through use of flashback in the beginning. Ash’s choice to describe two exciting events before launching into Eramane’s personal story starts the work with a bang, which only hints at the pages of action and excitement to follow. Despite minor problems, Ash’s writing style ultimately serves the story well by creating an atmosphere of imminent danger.

Ash combines modern themes, relatable characters, and suspenseful storytelling to form a compelling work of fantasy likely to appeal to a wide range of readers.

Young Adult Answer to Game of Thrones?

courtesy of GOT website
courtesy of GOT website

Checking emails the other day and I came across a question that got me thinking, “Is ERAMANE a young-adult answer to Game of Thrones?”

I stared at the screen thinking about this question, wondering if it related to my work, and after my eyes dried out and my lids forced themselves over my oculars I concluded…hell yes it is!

Now you’re thinking, “Frankie that’s a bit ballsy of you,” and I’m telling you, “No. No it’s not,” and here is why.

When I say that ERAMANE could be a YA version of GOT, I don’t mean that it has the same plotting, character set-up, worldly depth, and genius word wielding; GRRM is the man, no one can EVEN ever!

What I am implying is this, since GRRM’s move to the big screen, epic fantasy has a spotlight on it again, a long overdue worldwide resurgence. And since YA, for the past decade or so, has primarily been the stomping grounds for vamps, weres, faes, angels, witches, (have I left out anything?) having epic fantasy needling its way up in popular genre ranks is exciting, and exhilarating, and well…exciting. BTW, I’m not at all bashing or minimizing the impact of these types of novels, for we all know the great successes behind each of the categories. But I digress.

ERAMANE is one such book, bleeding with the true wonderment of fantasy, and what’s better is that it is a YA book. But I alone do not make up the forces closing rank. C.J. Redwine, Sarah J. Maas, Morgan Rhodes, Robin LaFevers, all being listed as YA comparatives to GOT. Badassery!

So, here I am, writing this blog, viewing my work as what could possibly be added to YA books that might overthrow those vamps and weres and faes and angles and witches, (have I left anything out?) and bring epic fantasy full force into the YA playing field. Wouldn’t that be exciting and exhilarating, and…exciting?!

‘Eramane’ Book Blog Tour

BN Eramane

Tomorrow starts the ten day book blog tour for my novel Eramane! I am super excited to read the reviews from the wonderful bloggers who so graciously agreed to host me. There will also be interviews and a giveaway that’s all WHA POW! and stuff. Check it out!

Also, since I have been stupid busy writing for NaNoWriMo,  I haven’t had the chance to share some cool news. I recently received a Kirkus review for Eramane and I’m so excited to tell you that it was pretty good. Here is a tid bit, but I will post a link to the full review later, “…a well paced, well written story, with good suspense, and a good main character in Eramane. Readers will want to know what happens to her after this book. This solid fantasy tale is well paced and well told…” -Kirkus Reviews.

Julianna Baggott’s The Pure Trilogy


Not necessarily a review. I read Pure several months ago and hadn’t been able to read Fuse, well…because I have been working tirelessly on Eramane. But, since I have more time to read these days, Julianna Baggott’s trilogy has been popping up in my head. Because Pure was such a wonderful read, full of great imagery and a lead character that captured me from the beginning, I want to share my thoughts on it.

Pressia, a sixteen-year-old girl with a doll’s head for a hand, leads us through this dystopian tale where a dome gleams safely above the city and all those inside are healthy and safe from the charred world beyond its globed protection. Or are they?

Outside of the dome, Pressia and many others like her, those who were not permitted to live inside the dome, struggle to survive in the aftermath of detonations that demolished everything and left the survivors fused to…all kinds of things, you name it.

Aside from Pure’s intriguing setting (the way Baggott brings it to the page is what gives it the unique quality that I crave when reading dystopian books), I found myself vying to maintain allegiance to a particular character; Baggott makes it impossible really. Of course I wanted to remain loyal to Pressia, but I found that more than a few characters resonated with me. Because Baggott wrote these characters with an authenticity that solidifies their purpose, Pure presents us with the opportunity to rally for more than one character.

 I can’t help but believe that Fuse will contain the same addicting elements as well, and Burn (the third book in the trilogy) is out early 2014!