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2013 ROCKED!

I can’t believe 2013 is nearly gone!  TIME, stop it damn you!

This year has been most remarkable for me, my first published book! Having Eramane out in the world has been a roller coaster of emotions. It’s exhilarating most times, and exhausting…most times. I have worked to get my book out there to everyone, and with that I have accomplished a great deal, my most favoritest would be the Kirkus review of Eramane.  To get a favorable review from them was…how can I explain it…%(*@&#$(*)#(*^%)@(#%^)(%*&%&$&*(@#&!!!!!!!! Yeah, that’s it.

But other things have added to this, a most exquisite, year. I participated in my first NaNoWriMo, which taught me that I can be a diligent writer, an effective writer, a writer who shows up every day and gets it out, whatever IT may be. Thanks NaNo!!!

This year has been a blast. I’ve met so many great writers, bloggers, and fans!  I’ve connected with hundreds of Inter-homies that I might have never met had I not made that giant leap into the publishing world. Looking forward, I’m so excited for 2014. This is going to be a big year for me, I will be publishing at least two books: Eramane (book #2) and the sci-fi trick I’m working on. If I’m feeling frisky I might even muster a short story or a haiku. I can’t wait! 2014…bring it!! And some wrinkle cream!

‘Eramane’ Book Blog Tour

BN Eramane

Tomorrow starts the ten day book blog tour for my novel Eramane! I am super excited to read the reviews from the wonderful bloggers who so graciously agreed to host me. There will also be interviews and a giveaway that’s all WHA POW! and stuff. Check it out!

Also, since I have been stupid busy writing for NaNoWriMo,  I haven’t had the chance to share some cool news. I recently received a Kirkus review for Eramane and I’m so excited to tell you that it was pretty good. Here is a tid bit, but I will post a link to the full review later, “…a well paced, well written story, with good suspense, and a good main character in Eramane. Readers will want to know what happens to her after this book. This solid fantasy tale is well paced and well told…” -Kirkus Reviews.