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Happy Saturday, peeps!

My book tour has been officially…booked! Wha pow! Below is the schedule. If you would like a chance to win signed copies, eBooks, some swag and more, hit these sites up and enter. These hosts have agreed to do a review only tour which means that they will have a review of Blood Soaked Ashes up the day they host. So, not only will you be able to enter, but you also get the chance to see what others think about the book! Yay!


Tour Schedule

March 2nd: CiCi’s Theories REVIEW + TENS LIST
March 3rd: TTC Books and More REVIEW + MUSIC PLAYLIST
March 4th: Geek Heaven REVIEW
March 5th: Sunrise Avenue REVIEW
March 6th: LuLo Fangirl REVIEW

March 9th: Such A Novel Idea REVIEW
March 10th: Winterhaven Books REVIEW + WHAT’S IN FRANKIE’S BAG?
March 11th: Imagine A World REVIEW
March 12th: Petrichor REVIEW
March 13th: Her Book Thoughts REVIEW + INSPIRATION BOARD




Since BLOOD SOAKED ASHES is available for all to smack their eye holes against, I must pimp it while the pimping is good. BSA will be on tour in March with a two-week stretch to offer lots o’ flexibility for blogger that would love to participate. The first segment is March 2-6 and then again on  9-13! It is a review only tour (because reviews help authors!) and the giveaway is BuhDam! So, if you’d like, you can click this link to sign up, or you can click that cute little widget button over on the left that says “me & my shelf.” Or something or other. I only put it there because my tour organizer’s site said “Grab this!” so I did, because that sounded like an order.  Plus I’ve never grabbed something (without getting into trouble) so it made me feel techno savvy. Not in that  lazor-light, twirl an object (real or pretend) in your hand kind of way, (not that techno isn’t inspirational if you’re, let’s say…well let’s just say and leave it at that.) Just savvy in the way that…(choose your adventure here.)

So sign up, or remember to enter the giveaway, or share this post, or like it, or comment on my savvy grabbing buttons skillz. Cheeze!


Jon Snow Read This, Now He Knows One Thing.


Here it is!! The title for book two of The Eramane Saga!

Blood Soaked Ashes was so much fun writing, and I can’t wait for you guys to read it. Dur.

This image has zero squats to do with the actual cover that was designed by Hafsah from IceyDesigns. That will be revealed on Halloween and yes! there will be a giveaway with awesomes and such.

Okay, if you are finished laughing at my very visually anticlimactic title reveal, (cause the title is bad-ass) you may proceed on with it (IT being whatever IT was that you were doing before I snatched you from…

Wait for it…



Flash Giveaway!

cover of eramane on blog (396x640)

Since some of this site’s followers don’t connect with me via other social media, (BTW, my feelers are all hurt and such) I wanted to make sure no one misses out on this flash giveaway. It only lasts until midnight tonight, so make with the clicky! Below is the post from my fanpage with a link that will take you there, it’s really quite magical, like Aladdin’s carpet (except there will be no beautiful princess or sing song while you are being redirected).

#‎HappyValentinesDay! To celebrate this day of romance, or as I like to call it, the day of chocolate, I will be hosting a Flash Giveaway! Just LIKE and COMMENT on this post (maybe send a valentine shout out to someone you love, or comment on ERAMANE) then email me at frankieashbooks@gmail.com with your preferred eBook format, and you will receive a free eBook of ERAMANE. Contest is International and not sponsored by Facebook. You have until midnight tonight to enter here https://www.facebook.com/authorfranki…

Eramane Bookblitz and Spotlight

Lovely Bloggers, stop by Xpresso Book Tours to sign up for the Eramane book blitz. There will be a grand prize giveaway! Sign-ups close soon. Also, be sure to sign up for the Eramane spotlight at Chapter By Chapter where a giveaway is offered as well:)

On my Facebook fanpage, I am offering an eBook giveaway through Rafflecopter which ends on Sept. 30th. So many chances to win a copy of Eramane🙂

Giveaways for “Eramane”


I have several giveaways going on right now for Eramane.  A signed copy is up at Goodreads and ends October 1st. Click the Goodreads button to the right and it will take you there:) Also, on my Facebook page, I am offering an eBook giveaway through Rafflecopter ending September 30th. This link will take you there,  http://bit.ly/17CAQJR

Mosey over and enter for your chance to win a free copy of my YA fantasy novel, Eramane.