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cover of eramane on blog (396x640)  ERAMANE,  BOOK ONE of THE ERAMANE SAGA





            In the village of Eludwid, seventeen-year-old Eramane Fahnestock goes about her life, cheerfully disregarding a prophecy made to her parents that she would have a great gift. Not yet wed and beset with boredom, Eramane cannot shake the feeling that something exciting awaits her beyond Eludwid. But when she is invited to picnic with a handsome young suitor, Eramane has no idea that her life will soon change forever.

            As Eramane prepares for her date, she is suddenly hypnotized by a strange voice that tells her he will be coming for her that night. Unsettled but determined to press forward, Eramane and her suitor, Lebis, head to the woods to enjoy their picnic. As darkness falls on the forest, however, a beast emerges, transforming their beautiful outing into a terrifying scene. Taken captive and carried away to a mountain hideaway, Eramane finds her memories are soon clouded, even as her family frantically searches for her back home.

            In this gripping fantasy tale, evil is summoned to the mountaintop, forcing a young woman to discover her magical gifts and exact revenge against a beast determined to destroy everything she has ever loved.

SYSNOPSIS (Spoiler alert!!!! This is intended for industry professionals.)

ERAMANE is a 60,000 word, YA fantasy novel set in a medieval period. It’s Beauty and the Beast meets Legend with a Florence + the Machine soundtrack.

In a time when lands are defended by the sword, where magic and necromancy are supposed to only exist in fables, an ancient darkness, the Nameless One, ascends on the village of Eludwid, harvesting souls of the innocent, giving life to the frightening tales whispered by its people.

Eramane Fahnestock, a compassionate young girl with a knack for sword fighting, dreams of adventure and escaping the possibility of betrothal. But when Eramane’s mother asks the local blacksmith over to their home to repair a wagon wheel, Eramane becomes fond of the attractive blacksmith and agrees to go to the river for a picnic.

At the river, Eramane and the blacksmith share a kiss, but among the beauty of the forest and the excitement of a first kiss, the Nameless One stalks Eramane. It murders the blacksmith and carries Eramane’s unconscious body up into the dark sky.

Eramane wakes in a beautiful mountain palace, the home of Adikiah, an intriguing man with an alluring presence. When he shows her the corpse of the creature that killed her companion, Lebis, Eramane struggles with confusing emotions: Adikiah saved her life, but everything about the palace makes her uneasy, especially the servants, with their leathery, gray skin and hollow eyes.

Her apprehensions are justified when Adikiah forces her to become, a ritual that strips Eramane of her humanity and her memories. Adikiah reveals himself as the Nameless One and takes Eramane to harvest the souls of her forgotten family. But Eramane recognizes her brother and will not bend to Adikiah’s command. Infuriated by her betrayal, Adikiah sends her into the Gate, a portal that connects the human world to the Reach, where angry souls await to rip her apart. As Eramane relishes in her certain death, the opportunity to finally find peace, she is visited by her father who died during their assault on her family. He convinces her to fight for her life and avenge his death. Eramane taps in to a power she never knew she had, a power not seen for over five centuries.

Out of the Gate, Eramane is terribly wounded by her plummet back to Earth, a consequence of her novice, the inability to control her new gift. But two men have been waiting for her, and they find her laying in the mud, bleeding to death. Limearsy, a young man with a secret, becomes her comrade as they make their way back to the mountain palace in an effort to destroy Adikiah. During their journey, she crosses paths with her brother, Samiah. After a tearful reunion, they ride to the palace.

The small group arrives at the palace and attacks Adikiah. Samiah is badly burned and Eramane is dying, crushed beneath the weight of a boulder. Limearsy, devastated at the thought of loosing Eramane, reveals his secret: he is the son of Adikiah. Transforming into a beautiful creature, resembling the stature of Adikiah only in size, Limearsy bests his father and forces him against a wall, the Gate, where hands of the dead reach out and pull him in.

Outside of the palace, Limearsy kneels over Eramane and kisses life back into her, a gift passed on to him by his father. They make their way back to Eludwid, but Eramane wonders if Adikiah will make it out of the Gate as she did, or has he finally been defeated? (This is not a cliffhanger; it is the end to Eramane, book #1 of The Eramane Trilogy).


“[Eramane] is a well paced, well written story, with good suspense, and a good main character in Eramane. Readers will want to know what happens to her after this book. This solid fantasy tale is well paced and well told…” –Kirkus Reviews

” [An] imaginative and exhilarating work of fantasy. With suspenseful story-telling and modern themes, this novel compels the reader to join Eramane on her thrilling adventures into the supernatural.” – IndieReader Discovery Awards

“I was a page turnin’ maniac while reading this book…” – Stephanie, Goodreads review

“Ash doesn’t hold back in making her characters suffer, and that really makes this a strong fantasy book. This promising début is a fun read for fantasy fans!” – Kaitlyn, Goodreads review

“Eramane is a feisty girl…I think she is going to be such a great character in this trilogy.” – Michelle, Amazon review

“I liked the fantasy world…Ash really did a great job setting it up and making me feel like I stepped into this one.” – Bella, Paranormal Bookclub 

“With an interesting and very different kind of heroine,… Eramane is a fast-paced and exciting read that will keep the reader engaged.” – Jessica, Goodreads review.


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