Dedicated to the Trauma Narratives students at SU

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Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking to students from the English department at Shenandoah University for three hours about writing, publishing and everything in between. We also did a workshop where the students asked questions about their Trauma Narratives term project. This was my favorite part because they allowed me to read very personal writings and help resolve writing/developing issues they had with them.

Since most of the projects they are working on have deep personal ties, I will not comment on them. What I will say is this: these students have writing talent to the infinite exponential, each having a unique style.

It was a blast.

During the Q & A session, students asked some really great questions and I even live tweeted a few!

From  characterization, to time invested in daily writing, to how to structure more meaningful sentences, the students were full of want to know. I hope I learned them well (my inner southern will not let me take the word “learned” out of that sentence. I tried three times.)

It was an honor to have the opportunity to speak about my publishing journey and to workshop with these students, and if I inspired them, by even the slightest degree, then I’d be the happiest writer chic on the planet.



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