Young Adult Answer to Game of Thrones?

courtesy of GOT website
courtesy of GOT website

Checking emails the other day and I came across a question that got me thinking, “Is ERAMANE a young-adult answer to Game of Thrones?”

I stared at the screen thinking about this question, wondering if it related to my work, and after my eyes dried out and my lids forced themselves over my oculars I concluded…hell yes it is!

Now you’re thinking, “Frankie that’s a bit ballsy of you,” and I’m telling you, “No. No it’s not,” and here is why.

When I say that ERAMANE could be a YA version of GOT, I don’t mean that it has the same plotting, character set-up, worldly depth, and genius word wielding; GRRM is the man, no one can EVEN ever!

What I am implying is this, since GRRM’s move to the big screen, epic fantasy has a spotlight on it again, a long overdue worldwide resurgence. And since YA, for the past decade or so, has primarily been the stomping grounds for vamps, weres, faes, angels, witches, (have I left out anything?) having epic fantasy needling its way up in popular genre ranks is exciting, and exhilarating, and well…exciting. BTW, I’m not at all bashing or minimizing the impact of these types of novels, for we all know the great successes behind each of the categories. But I digress.

ERAMANE is one such book, bleeding with the true wonderment of fantasy, and what’s better is that it is a YA book. But I alone do not make up the forces closing rank. C.J. Redwine, Sarah J. Maas, Morgan Rhodes, Robin LaFevers, all being listed as YA comparatives to GOT. Badassery!

So, here I am, writing this blog, viewing my work as what could possibly be added to YA books that might overthrow those vamps and weres and faes and angles and witches, (have I left anything out?) and bring epic fantasy full force into the YA playing field. Wouldn’t that be exciting and exhilarating, and…exciting?!

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