I’m a little solo cup hear me SHOUT!

solo cup

I have been asked to speak at a university in Northern Virginia! I was taken aback when the email came in asking if I would like to come in and relinquish some of my expertise and experiences to the budding lit students. I was like “hells yeah!” and then I laughed and cried simultaneously. Let me ‘splain.

First, it was such an honor to receive this request. I remember sitting in my English classes, listening to the sages as they spewed their words of wisdom to us, thinking how awesome it would be to have an impact on literary scholars, to put my mark on academia (I always picture a dog lifting its leg to a tree when I say “my mark”…but that’s not weird). This is something every author hopes for, what’s the point of writing if your work is forgotten in time? Poe, Faulkner, Chaucer, Moliere, Plautus, Homer…they are forever remembered because we study them, we dissect their words, and now, I get the honor of bringing my work into the environment of study. Totes mahgotes…awesome!

This road to publishing has been eventful, at times, and as the universe holds true to its “great balancing act” it has also been maddeningly uneventful. There are days when my inbox is full of review requests, book tour info, etc. These days are magnificent to me. They generate buzz for my book and confirm to me that I’m on the right track.

Then there are those days, and they like to come in multi-day strings, where my inbox is empty, nothing, a discarded solo cup lying on the ground after the concert has ended. And what’s worse, I sometimes feel like I’m actually being tossed into that dark trash bag and thrown into the dumpster.

But then the offers to be featured in book magazines and expos, to send review copies to popular reviewers, and to speak at universities come in. Ha! No dumpsters for me! Not today!

It’s a constant pulling off of the band-aid. But the most important thing that keeps me focused, stills my hand from slamming closed my laptop is that one true driving force behind it all…I love to write. And no matter what, I will always do just that.



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