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Since book two of The Eramane Trilogy is well underway and set to go out to the editor in less than two months, I thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek at the first chapter.

At the end of Eramane book one, there is a sneak peek, but things have changed since then and while those pages are still in book two, they are no longer the opening act. Cause you know why??? I had a *mind-blowing idea that hit me several months ago and it changed everything for Eramane, Limearsy, and Samiah!

Oh you so excited, oh you can’t deny it! (Dance…it makes it more funnerer!)

Anyway…I’m really amped about book two because, well it’s badass. I’m not just saying that and once its pages get into your paws you’ll see too!

So, here it is, a few sentences in chapter one from book two of The Eramane Trilogy. Enjoy. Or turn inward on yourself from utter repulsion. Either way…you will EXPERIENCE.

*Frankie Ash’s brain did NOT explode. Dramatics guys. Dramatics.*


Dedicated to the Trauma Narratives students at SU

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Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking to students from the English department at Shenandoah University for three hours about writing, publishing and everything in between. We also did a workshop where the students asked questions about their Trauma Narratives term project. This was my favorite part because they allowed me to read very personal writings and help resolve writing/developing issues they had with them.

Since most of the projects they are working on have deep personal ties, I will not comment on them. What I will say is this: these students have writing talent to the infinite exponential, each having a unique style.

It was a blast.

During the Q & A session, students asked some really great questions and I even live tweeted a few!

From  characterization, to time invested in daily writing, to how to structure more meaningful sentences, the students were full of want to know. I hope I learned them well (my inner southern will not let me take the word “learned” out of that sentence. I tried three times.)

It was an honor to have the opportunity to speak about my publishing journey and to workshop with these students, and if I inspired them, by even the slightest degree, then I’d be the happiest writer chic on the planet.



Young Adult Answer to Game of Thrones?

courtesy of GOT website
courtesy of GOT website

Checking emails the other day and I came across a question that got me thinking, “Is ERAMANE a young-adult answer to Game of Thrones?”

I stared at the screen thinking about this question, wondering if it related to my work, and after my eyes dried out and my lids forced themselves over my oculars I concluded…hell yes it is!

Now you’re thinking, “Frankie that’s a bit ballsy of you,” and I’m telling you, “No. No it’s not,” and here is why.

When I say that ERAMANE could be a YA version of GOT, I don’t mean that it has the same plotting, character set-up, worldly depth, and genius word wielding; GRRM is the man, no one can EVEN ever!

What I am implying is this, since GRRM’s move to the big screen, epic fantasy has a spotlight on it again, a long overdue worldwide resurgence. And since YA, for the past decade or so, has primarily been the stomping grounds for vamps, weres, faes, angels, witches, (have I left out anything?) having epic fantasy needling its way up in popular genre ranks is exciting, and exhilarating, and well…exciting. BTW, I’m not at all bashing or minimizing the impact of these types of novels, for we all know the great successes behind each of the categories. But I digress.

ERAMANE is one such book, bleeding with the true wonderment of fantasy, and what’s better is that it is a YA book. But I alone do not make up the forces closing rank. C.J. Redwine, Sarah J. Maas, Morgan Rhodes, Robin LaFevers, all being listed as YA comparatives to GOT. Badassery!

So, here I am, writing this blog, viewing my work as what could possibly be added to YA books that might overthrow those vamps and weres and faes and angles and witches, (have I left anything out?) and bring epic fantasy full force into the YA playing field. Wouldn’t that be exciting and exhilarating, and…exciting?!

Flash Giveaway!

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Since some of this site’s followers don’t connect with me via other social media, (BTW, my feelers are all hurt and such) I wanted to make sure no one misses out on this flash giveaway. It only lasts until midnight tonight, so make with the clicky! Below is the post from my fanpage with a link that will take you there, it’s really quite magical, like Aladdin’s carpet (except there will be no beautiful princess or sing song while you are being redirected).

#‎HappyValentinesDay! To celebrate this day of romance, or as I like to call it, the day of chocolate, I will be hosting a Flash Giveaway! Just LIKE and COMMENT on this post (maybe send a valentine shout out to someone you love, or comment on ERAMANE) then email me at with your preferred eBook format, and you will receive a free eBook of ERAMANE. Contest is International and not sponsored by Facebook. You have until midnight tonight to enter here…

No. But maybe. But probably not.


You know that commercial, the one with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell?  Well, I thought that commercial’s premise was simple, until yesterday.

You see, I got my first no, but maybe, but probably not, and it did not relate to my senseless texting, oh no. It correlated exactly to my efforts of traditional publication, getting and agent…that whole merry-go-round.

I queried, as many of us do, and waited, as we all must do, and received more than a handful of rejections (you feel my pain right about now don’t you?). But yesterday evening, an agent told me that they liked my swag, that I was only slightly less cool than Pam from True Blood (they didn’t really compare me to her, but I knew where they were going with it).  But even though my personality gleamed like a brand new pair of Jimmy Choo heels, my books sales were less than impressive which gave this agent great pause, like the kind of pause you have when you’re in the ocean and see that giant fin only a few feet away. Instead of flapping in the waters like a baby seal though, this agent gave me some advice on how to continue on with my indie books, encouraging me to expand my social media presence. Also, they asked for a partial of the manuscript.  Errm, huh? But heck yeah, I’ll send it! And holy crap, thanks for asking!

And here I am, left thinking only of that commercial, hearing those words of indecision, and hoping that this is the universe’s way of opening the door to all the yeses.

I’m a little solo cup hear me SHOUT!

solo cup

I have been asked to speak at a university in Northern Virginia! I was taken aback when the email came in asking if I would like to come in and relinquish some of my expertise and experiences to the budding lit students. I was like “hells yeah!” and then I laughed and cried simultaneously. Let me ‘splain.

First, it was such an honor to receive this request. I remember sitting in my English classes, listening to the sages as they spewed their words of wisdom to us, thinking how awesome it would be to have an impact on literary scholars, to put my mark on academia (I always picture a dog lifting its leg to a tree when I say “my mark”…but that’s not weird). This is something every author hopes for, what’s the point of writing if your work is forgotten in time? Poe, Faulkner, Chaucer, Moliere, Plautus, Homer…they are forever remembered because we study them, we dissect their words, and now, I get the honor of bringing my work into the environment of study. Totes mahgotes…awesome!

This road to publishing has been eventful, at times, and as the universe holds true to its “great balancing act” it has also been maddeningly uneventful. There are days when my inbox is full of review requests, book tour info, etc. These days are magnificent to me. They generate buzz for my book and confirm to me that I’m on the right track.

Then there are those days, and they like to come in multi-day strings, where my inbox is empty, nothing, a discarded solo cup lying on the ground after the concert has ended. And what’s worse, I sometimes feel like I’m actually being tossed into that dark trash bag and thrown into the dumpster.

But then the offers to be featured in book magazines and expos, to send review copies to popular reviewers, and to speak at universities come in. Ha! No dumpsters for me! Not today!

It’s a constant pulling off of the band-aid. But the most important thing that keeps me focused, stills my hand from slamming closed my laptop is that one true driving force behind it all…I love to write. And no matter what, I will always do just that.