I’ve got a pretzle in my head…

clash of clans

I have put a lot of words to the page this week, and my focus has been on two projects. This can be exhausting at times, especially when one work has more of my attention that the other. But I want to get them both finished, because guess what, yup…I’ve got other projects I can’t stop thinking about. It’s like a kid in Toys R Us, all hyper focused on My Little Pony until she sees Barbie’s badass beach house and zooms over to it, leaving her Mommy struggling to keep up. And then, while clutching the ginormous box to her chest, drops it immediately at the sound of another kid screaming, “I gotta have it Mommy please!”  leaving Barbie and the Ponies behind to see what it is that the kid in a fit must have.

This is what it’s like, a lot, having so many ideas in your head and trying to get them all out at once. And what’s worse is that I think about them so much that I dream about them and sometimes they mix together and form really weird versions of my ideas. It just gets all screwy.

So, I keep doing what it is I must do, write.

And play that horribly addicting Clash of Clans game.

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