Book Expo, Queries, WIPs, & Gravy. YES. GRAVY.

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be attending the 2014 Book Expo America in New York, and that it hadn’t been finalized as to whether I’d be actually signing or not. Well, it’s official…I will be signing at the Book Expo!

The date is set but the time is not, as of yet, so I will wait to give all the deets as soon as I get them.

I’m stupid excited about this, and I’ve even ordered T-shirts with the cover of ERAMANE on them.

I’m going to take sooooo many pics and post on Twitter like a beast (please don’t unfollow me it’ll just be for one day I promise!).

Onward. I am still sending out queries. Checking my emails an unhealthy amount of times. Scrunching my face when I read a rejection saying “sorry for your bad luck.” They don’t really say it like that, but maybe they should because at least that’s funny! I did get a nibble, a request for a partial, but we aren’t supposed to get excited when this happens because it could easily turn into a rejection, so until I know more…I’ll take it as a “meh” instead of a “pphhttt, heck no.”

I am still working diligently on ERAMANE, book #2 and the “other” project, and I can’t wait to announce release dates for both. Yes, I’m optimistic, ambitious, and maybe a bit presumptuous that I can publish two books, two well written and meticulously edited works in 2014. But I learned how to make homemade gravy, so…

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