I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring at a project of roughly 35k and thinking, what am I doing? My book ERAMANE has been out since August 2013. Before hiring Archway to publish it, I queried nearly 60 agents; most replied instantly with a rejection, some didn’t respond at all (the hardest form of rejection I feel).

But I got to thinking, just because ERAMANE is out, doesn’t mean I should stop fighting for it. So, I put on my big girl pants, opened up Google, and with only a slight cringe, began to search for new agents. I found around ten, after reading countless bios, that might be a good fit for ERAMANE.

So, I reworked my previous query letter, the one I wrote when I was…less knowledgeable (yeah that works) and once I liked the new one, I re-worked it again. This took ALL day. I’m not even kidding. I even Tweeted it I think, that it took me so long to get this query to what I felt was a great one.

With a newly forged blade, I commenced to whacking (my metaphor for the query process).

It took me nearly two hours to query those ten agents, each having their own submission stipulations, (gotta get that stuff right) and since then, I have been checking my inbox every ten minutes. This is seriously cutting in to my writing time.

But, I feel good, like I haven’t let the flame burn out on ERAMANE, and even though I have other projects I’m working on, one in particular has consumed me, I know that while my attention is not set on ERAMANE, it is still stirring about out there. Maybe I will get a request for the full MS, maybe, just maybe, ERAMANE will grab one of them by the brainmeats (I totally stole this word from Jay Kristoff) and not let go. *Fingers crossed*

Disclaimer: Fingers will be uncrossed during periods of writing, eating, cleaning, driving, etc.

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  1. you should never give up on Eramane…it’s a great story..and I must read the next one! They should make a movie from this book…just say’en.


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