I’ve got a pretzle in my head…

clash of clans

I have put a lot of words to the page this week, and my focus has been on two projects. This can be exhausting at times, especially when one work has more of my attention that the other. But I want to get them both finished, because guess what, yup…I’ve got other projects I can’t stop thinking about. It’s like a kid in Toys R Us, all hyper focused on My Little Pony until she sees Barbie’s badass beach house and zooms over to it, leaving her Mommy struggling to keep up. And then, while clutching the ginormous box to her chest, drops it immediately at the sound of another kid screaming, “I gotta have it Mommy please!”  leaving Barbie and the Ponies behind to see what it is that the kid in a fit must have.

This is what it’s like, a lot, having so many ideas in your head and trying to get them all out at once. And what’s worse is that I think about them so much that I dream about them and sometimes they mix together and form really weird versions of my ideas. It just gets all screwy.

So, I keep doing what it is I must do, write.

And play that horribly addicting Clash of Clans game.

Book Expo, Queries, WIPs, & Gravy. YES. GRAVY.

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be attending the 2014 Book Expo America in New York, and that it hadn’t been finalized as to whether I’d be actually signing or not. Well, it’s official…I will be signing at the Book Expo!

The date is set but the time is not, as of yet, so I will wait to give all the deets as soon as I get them.

I’m stupid excited about this, and I’ve even ordered T-shirts with the cover of ERAMANE on them.

I’m going to take sooooo many pics and post on Twitter like a beast (please don’t unfollow me it’ll just be for one day I promise!).

Onward. I am still sending out queries. Checking my emails an unhealthy amount of times. Scrunching my face when I read a rejection saying “sorry for your bad luck.” They don’t really say it like that, but maybe they should because at least that’s funny! I did get a nibble, a request for a partial, but we aren’t supposed to get excited when this happens because it could easily turn into a rejection, so until I know more…I’ll take it as a “meh” instead of a “pphhttt, heck no.”

I am still working diligently on ERAMANE, book #2 and the “other” project, and I can’t wait to announce release dates for both. Yes, I’m optimistic, ambitious, and maybe a bit presumptuous that I can publish two books, two well written and meticulously edited works in 2014. But I learned how to make homemade gravy, so…

Writing and Rewriting and Writing and Rewriting

type writer trash

REWRITES. What can I say about them? Oh I know…they suck!

I am in the process of rewriting 30k words. For me, it’s seriously the toughest part of writing. This project I’m working on can really go the way I have it now, the thing is (and fellow writers will agree that they are too vexed by the agonizing voice in their mind that says, “But what if it was like this?”) I’m seeing it transform into something else, and I like that something else better. So, what should I do? Should I continue writing the original, not willing to let go of a month’s work?

PAH! That’s outlandish! What kind of writer would I be if I weren’t telling the best possible story I could tell? We all know the answer to that. So, here I am, taking a break from deleting and typing to write to you lovely folks.

Every writer experiences this; none are immune. There are no perfect first drafts, and there are countless deaths of thousands of words. I am trudging through this rewrite, tweaking it, crafting it into what I know is a better version. And I will survive the agony of watching large amounts of highlighted blue text disappear into the nothingness. But I will not weep for them, for they served a purpose. Yes, they did…perfect placeholders, the wrong words holding a spot until the right ones came along. Thank you wrong words. I’m sure that I may call upon you again.

I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring at a project of roughly 35k and thinking, what am I doing? My book ERAMANE has been out since August 2013. Before hiring Archway to publish it, I queried nearly 60 agents; most replied instantly with a rejection, some didn’t respond at all (the hardest form of rejection I feel).

But I got to thinking, just because ERAMANE is out, doesn’t mean I should stop fighting for it. So, I put on my big girl pants, opened up Google, and with only a slight cringe, began to search for new agents. I found around ten, after reading countless bios, that might be a good fit for ERAMANE.

So, I reworked my previous query letter, the one I wrote when I was…less knowledgeable (yeah that works) and once I liked the new one, I re-worked it again. This took ALL day. I’m not even kidding. I even Tweeted it I think, that it took me so long to get this query to what I felt was a great one.

With a newly forged blade, I commenced to whacking (my metaphor for the query process).

It took me nearly two hours to query those ten agents, each having their own submission stipulations, (gotta get that stuff right) and since then, I have been checking my inbox every ten minutes. This is seriously cutting in to my writing time.

But, I feel good, like I haven’t let the flame burn out on ERAMANE, and even though I have other projects I’m working on, one in particular has consumed me, I know that while my attention is not set on ERAMANE, it is still stirring about out there. Maybe I will get a request for the full MS, maybe, just maybe, ERAMANE will grab one of them by the brainmeats (I totally stole this word from Jay Kristoff) and not let go. *Fingers crossed*

Disclaimer: Fingers will be uncrossed during periods of writing, eating, cleaning, driving, etc.

Book Expo America 2014

Courtesy of BEA website
Courtesy of BEA website


I have some exciting news! It has just been finalized that ERAMANE will be featured at this year’s Book Expo America! And guess what…yours truly will be there too! Wha Pow!

This year, BEA will be at the Javits Center in New York, May 28th – 31st. ERAMANE will be featured in the NEW TITLES showroom right next to the author signing room! Holy rusted metal Batman! (I’m using lots o’ exclamations…I know!).

But, it has not been finalized yet, as to whether I will be signing. Once I know for sure, I will announce it here on my site and give the date and time, ya know…in case any of you ERAMANIACS plan to attend.

I’m supah stoked and can’t wait to mingle will all the bookish type peeps!

That’s all for now, but I assure you…this year has lots in store. More exciting news still to come!