Slugin’ a synopsis straight in the face!

Hi er’body! I’ve been working on my new project, and have actually sent out a few queries, you know, that bait we write to try and hook an agent on a new title. Anyway, in most cases, not only are you submitting that query thing, but you are generally required to send in a synopsis with it. WAIT! Don’t run! I know the word synopsis can be terrifying *shutters* but it doesn’t have to be. Let me ‘splain it.

For me, when I sit to spit out an entire novel on 1-5 pages (the length varies from agent to agent) I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and imagine that I am making a movie trailer for my book. What are some key points that are pivotal to the story? What events have that OhMuhGah factor? When does the main character begin to progress/digress in development? Do any of the important characters die/get married? Stop laughing. I’m serious; funerals and weddings can be some of the most crucial events in a story. Remember Red Wedding on “Game of Thrones”? Yeah I thought so.

Once you get a few ideas sloshing around upstairs, start writing! This part is not different from writing the book. The first draft is never perfect, neither is the second, third, fourth, I’ll stop depressing you, but you get my point. It took me and entire day just to write and revise a query letter; that’s a few short paragraphs and it took me a whole precious one of my days! I’ll never get it back:(Where’s some tissue?

Okay…I’m better now. See what I’m saying though? Not to fear, I bring advice from the writing world. This morning I read a short piece titled SYNOPSES DEMYSTIFIED on Cindy Dees Facebook about this very thing. She has some great insight on how to view a synopsis rather than how to write it, but it’s very useful information, and her FB page has lots of writing advice; I think she knows a thing or two:)

Okay, I must get back to that thing I love doing sooooo much…writing.  But before I go let me say…it’s freakin cold outside!!! Eww I should go build a snowman and dress it in a bikini! No, no, must write.

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