After my morning writing session, I hopped on Twitter and found this: #WIPMarathon. I said, “What’s this?!” I clicked, I read; I followed more links and read more info. Since today is the end of NaNoWriMo, this offers a wonderful opportunity to stay engaged with your NaNo project. Check out more about it here.

I’m going to hop aboard the WIP train. I love working with other authors and being a support link for them too. So, here is my intro.

Marathon Goal: I want to finish the rough draft of my NaNo project and revise it before submitting it to my beta reader. I have over 30K so there is work a plentay! I also want to get book #2 of The Eramane Trilogy ready for editing. Yup…lots ta do.

Stage of writing: I’m at a little less than mid point I’d say on the rough draft. Arrgg. With Eramane, I’m in revisions so at least the meat is already there. Yay! (I think I might overuse the exclamation point. But it’s like my Gandalf staff, “You shall not pass!” SEE!)

What inspired my current project: It’s  sci-fi, and I luvz  me some sci-fi. The idea for this project came about while me and my hubby were talking about space, ’cause we talk about space…a lot. We’re not weird.

What might slow down my marathon goal: Ummm…just me. I’m a selfish writer and don’t generally let too much get in my way when I’m in the zone. There are things that can keep me from my desk, but I will go all “hadouken” on them and they know it;)

Best time of the day for writing: Morning, early, like before the sun rises. Not to be confused with late night. There is a difference… I’m just not sure what it is.

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