Guest Author on Ink & Angst

A few weeks ago, I was on Twitter and saw a tweet from an author about a Halloween Gate Crashing post. What??? you say. So did I, so I followed her tweet link and it took me to the Ink & Angst website. At the time I had never heard of the site, but the post was interesting and so were the authors who participated. The post was about what scares the authors or what they like about Halloween, ya know typical Octobery things. Anyway, I retweeted the Tweet and in a few minutes, the author of the post tweeted me! Cool! She thanked me for retweeting her post link and offered me a spot on the Thanksgiving and Christmas Gate Crasher post. I was like, hells yeah! I’m in! Where do I sign up! And then she filed a restraining order.
I kid, anyway…she sent me an email with some Novembery and Decembery questions and promptly returned them. Today, she posted the Thanksgiving Gate Crashing post and I stopped by Ink & Angst to check it out. Here is where it gets super freakin cool, not only were there a bunch o guest authors, but Jay Kristoff was one of them. That’s right, misterkristoff and all of his giant glory, (I’m truly not insulting him, he claims to be of the beanstalk lineage, but I digress). So, can you imagine how stoked I was to see Eramane sharing a blog post with Kinslayer!!? Yeah Yuh!

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