Whispers of Awesome

Magical-Book-Abstract-Fantasy-475x728NaNoWriMo…I’m so glad I chose to do it! We are nearing the halfway mark of the challenge, and although I felt like I made a mistake taking this on at first, I’m suddenly filled with more ideas, new inspirations and well…just all around better writing mojo. Even though I have been working on the second book to the Eramane Trilogy, taking a step away from it has truly paid off. My mind needed a break from the story, and to get a chance to write another book without feeling too guilty about taking my attention from the baby (Eramane, not a real baby, gah) has been a relief. Sitting at my laptop, beyond what I normally would, stretching my imagination, flexing my creative wings, I feel something magical is happening. But it goes beyond what I am doing. Knowing that others, over 200,000, are doing this and most likely feeling the same as me, is comforting and exciting. What worlds are being created now, even as I type? Who is telling a story that they had jailed in their skull? How many writers are feeling rejuvenated and exhausted at once, like they have just sent their mind to a kick-ass cross-fit class? Awesomeness is happening…it’s out there at this moment, appearing one typed letter at a time.

4 thoughts on “Whispers of Awesome”

  1. You are so right! Knowing that other people are doing this too has provided such motivation for me.

    Today, I realized that this is almost exactly like running a marathon. Almost anyone can do it, you just have to decide that you want to and then put in the time and hard work.

    Also similar to a marathon is the camaraderie of everyone enjoying (or enduring) similar challenges along this journey!

    I look forward to hearing more about what you are doing this month!


    1. One day, when it’s edited and shiny and pretty:) Seriously though, yes. I am writing for NaNoWriMo with the intention of publishing my work. And in a few months I will likely post some teasers from Stock Generation:)


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