Kinslayer mini review


 I discovered Jay Kristoff only a few months ago, when Twitter suggested I follow @misterkristoff. I clicked on his Twitter handle to pull up his profile and BOOM! I was introduced to The Lotus War trilogy! The artwork immediately caught my attention; I had to see more. I found Kristoff’s blog, read his post on the Sydney/Perth Supanova, and, like the fish that bit, I was hooked.  His catchy bloggin’ style, made me think, “If his posts are this good, what are his books like?” I purchased Stormdancer. I read Stormdancer. I loved Stormdancer. Lucky me, I only had to wait two months for book two, Kinslayer. It released only a few weeks ago, and I was just as captivated. I would read for hours, and when I saw my blood shot eyes in the mirror I would be reminded of the lotus fiends; they weren’t hooked on the lotus, they were reading Kristoff novels!

 In Kinslayer, Kristoff creates an achingly fragile world using a complex combination of beauty and carnage. One cannot create this delicate blend by chance. No, Kristoff is skilled, crafting his words carefully, intentionally. He doesn’t flub the custard; he gets it right, every time.

Kinslayer’s recent release solidified Kristoff as one of my favorite authors. I re-read sentences in his books and each time I say the same thing, “Damn he’s good.” I finished Kinslayer and felt…ready, for whatever it is that the final book will bring, like I finished an R. Lee Ermey boot camp. Alright Mr. Kristoff, release the Kraken!

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