Julianna Baggott’s The Pure Trilogy


Not necessarily a review. I read Pure several months ago and hadn’t been able to read Fuse, well…because I have been working tirelessly on Eramane. But, since I have more time to read these days, Julianna Baggott’s trilogy has been popping up in my head. Because Pure was such a wonderful read, full of great imagery and a lead character that captured me from the beginning, I want to share my thoughts on it.

Pressia, a sixteen-year-old girl with a doll’s head for a hand, leads us through this dystopian tale where a dome gleams safely above the city and all those inside are healthy and safe from the charred world beyond its globed protection. Or are they?

Outside of the dome, Pressia and many others like her, those who were not permitted to live inside the dome, struggle to survive in the aftermath of detonations that demolished everything and left the survivors fused to…all kinds of things, you name it.

Aside from Pure’s intriguing setting (the way Baggott brings it to the page is what gives it the unique quality that I crave when reading dystopian books), I found myself vying to maintain allegiance to a particular character; Baggott makes it impossible really. Of course I wanted to remain loyal to Pressia, but I found that more than a few characters resonated with me. Because Baggott wrote these characters with an authenticity that solidifies their purpose, Pure presents us with the opportunity to rally for more than one character.

 I can’t help but believe that Fuse will contain the same addicting elements as well, and Burn (the third book in the trilogy) is out early 2014!

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