Old and moldy

old and moldy
I have been so caught up in the upcoming release of ERAMANE, that for the past few weeks I haven’t been working on book two of the trilogy as much as I would like. So I woke up early this morning, determined to get some work done, and I did! I was at a point in the story where I needed to do some research on swords, mostly the two-handed claymore longsword. I watched videos showing how they were used in battle, how to hold them (there is really only one way, unless you are a giant) and how much damage they can do…LOTS! Then I decided to dig out some old D&D player’s handbooks for some inspiration. I used to play D&D when I was younger and so much of my attraction to fantasy writing stems from those times of late night RPGing. Man those were the good old days. So, I found the books and examined their sad state, remembering when they were new at one time. Back then, I was eager to open them and read up on all the characters and weapons, but today, well, I almost grabbed some latex gloves, I just knew mildew and the plagues of ancient Egypt were hiding inside. But I opened them anyway, reacquainted myself with some of my old friends and finished writing another chapter.

2 thoughts on “Old and moldy”

  1. I wish I could let you see my sword collection…you could use them for description or inspiration! I can not imagine how good the next one will be ….cause it has SWORDS in it!!! LOL I’m psyched!!


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